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One Year. Two Varietals. Three Vineyards. Many Perspectives.

The Debate celebrates the contrast of vintage, the discovery of varietals, the diversity of 'dirt', the allure of single vineyards, the art of conversation, the difference of viewpoints, and most importantly the enjoyment of sharing them.

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Three wines on your debate: so close together, yet so far apart.

THE DEBATE defines the notion of terroir as the interaction of a climate, a soil, a plant in a unique location and the local culture. With that in mind, we offer two different debates with three unique perspectives for your palate. Each three-pack includes three very different viewpoints of either Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc, from three different vineyards. Utilizing the same winemaking techniques on each varietal, these wines show the true diversity of terroir and a sense of time and place in Napa Valley.

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Wines with a purpose.

Traditionally,  THE DEBATE has focused on Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2016 we have expanded our portfolio to bring to you the inaugural release of THE DEBATE of Cabernet Franc. Here at THE DEBATE, we have an amazing opportunity to express the diversity of Napa Valley terroir to show the progression of altitude and vineyard sites towards the paradise that we believe is Cabernet Franc.

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Celebrating the art of conversation.

Which wine is the best? You be the judge. Enjoy THE DEBATE.

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